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Neil Maccormack is a freelance 3d artist based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Available for hire for all manner of projects ranging from 3d, Design and conceptual artwork to Prints , Posters and other artistic nonsense.

Neil`s work has featured in the following Places:

Prime : 3d Total Book collection

Expose 9 Master Award transport
Expose 9 Excellence Award Concept Art

International Contemporary Artists Vol2
Digital Art Masters Vol 6 Featured Artist
Expose Series of Books : 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
Digital Art Masters Books : 5, 3, 2
Artist Profile and Feature on Lightwave 3d
CG Choice Award on
Exhibition Image at the "Art of Digital" San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
2 Entries into the 50 most stunning CG renders
Featured Image in 2DArtist Magazine #053

Entry Image in Matte Painting: Digital Artists Master Class Gallery Entry

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