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3d / 2d Forums / Magazines

The place where i spend most of my time. Great site, great artists.

Likewise for this, mainly 2d site but still a source of inspiration

A Great site for top artwork and creators of the Digital Art Masters series of books

Makers of the Software Lightwave 3d which i use and love.

Great site and forum and wonderful gallery section.

An Online or Printed 3d magazine that sometimes features my work.

Artists / Inspiration

My new all time fav - Ian Mcque

Malo Art.

Ashley Wood.

Leo Snow.

Syd Mead.All time fav. The original and Best.

Feng Zhu.Great Concept Art.

Craig Mullins.Unique and a favourite

Sebastien larroude.Part of the Steambot studios

Maciej Kuciara.I can`t pronounce his name but he sure can paint.

SteamBot studios. Some of my favorite artists in one place.

Michal Lisowksi. Just discovered him, amazing artist.

Loic Zimmerman.Stunning Artwork on a variety of mediums.