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Jan 2015
Film Work Afterglow Studios.
Stream TV Networks work

Dec 2014
Images used for Stream TV Networks for Glasses Free 3d Tv`s.
Afterglow Studios freelance work

Sept 2014
New Lightwave Book cover.
3d Artist Book cover

July 2014
My CGtalk portfolio is now up as one of the featured portfolios so many thanks to you guys for that.
Cgtalk Portfolio

Mar 2014
Mind blowing CG Images, including one of mine in this amazing gallery.

Nov 2013
Books for sale. I am selling privately some of the books my work has appeared in so please go check them out on ebay. Or email me privately if you are interested.
Ebay Listings

August 2013
Video tutorial is now live and ready to download.
Go check it out at.
VFX workshops

July 2013
Something very exciting will be happening with VFX workshops. I will soon be releasing a new Video tutorial with these guys which is a first for me. The videos should be available soon so make sure you check them out at
VFX workshops

May 2013
CGHub will be using rebuild as a front page image and an Editors Choice award which is kind of a big thing for me as its a major concept art website featuring loads of artists i love. thanks a lot guys.
CGHub site link

May 2013
Newtek will also use the Rebuild image in a series of online advertising and Banners to promote their Lightwave 11..5 software.

April 2013
Expose 11 and ballistic publishing have chosen Salvage to appear in the latest release of their Expose book. Very exciting news, once the book is available i will post the link so you can purchase online.

Febuary 2013
Just finished 3 images for the Company Applibot based in Japan. They do Ipad and interactive games which look great. Also some local projects for Ad agencies which i cant display just yet but hope to soon.
Applibot site link

December 2012
Lightwave Newsletter. Gate 54 features as a project in the new lightwave newsletter, including some how to tips and screen shots..
Newsletter link

November 2012
Prime is out. A new 3dtotal book collection featuring some great work. I have 2 entries this year.

September 2012
Finally Expose 10 is out. Another excellent book featuring some great work. I have 2 entries this year.

July 2012
I do seem to be quite popular this month, some stuff in Jotta Magazine which is great.

July 2012
So currently the laest issue of Ceiga magazine has me as one of their featured artists. This includes a 6 page expose with some of my stuff and also some other great artists in the same issue.

June 2012
Busy so far. Newtek will be doing an interview and expose of my work for the LW 11 release which is very exciting and i will post more details when i have them. Also my new image "Finlake" is currently on the front page over at 3dtotal and also so thanks to those guys for the promotion.

May 2012
Good News. "Raider" got accepted into Expose 10 and will feature in the Transport section of the book due to be published in a month or so, i will update with links to buy once they are released.

Mar 2012
CGWallpapers will be featuring some of my work for download, so head over there to purchase a new desktop image

Feb 2012
3d total and their new art book Prime are looking for submissions. Please submit your artwork here

Feb 2012
Th Art of VFX website will be using the Osaki image as their postcard for their 2 Year anniversary. Thanks to Vincent for contacting me.
Link to the Homepage

Jan 2012
Happy new year everyone, Have added some new work into the gallery and updated the links section with some new inspiration and new artists i discovered.

Oct 2011
CGW magazine will be running an expose of my work and interview in the next issue. I hope it will also feature a tutorial and image gallery.
Here is the link to the online version

Aug 2011
3d World have accepted and Printed some works in the latest issue which should be in the shops about now or at least early next month.

July 2011
Expose 9 Master Award / Excellence Award
Expose 9 is now out and available for Purchase. I have received an Excellence award in the Concept Art section and a Master Award in the Transport section. Here is the link to purchase the book direct from the publisher.

May 2011
Expose 9 Master Award.
I will have 3 images featuring in the new Expose 9 book which is great news however even better is that one of them will be awarded the Master award for Concept design. I will post the link up when the book is in print.

Mar 2011
New prints available to Buy.
I have now some Hi Res Prints available to purchase through the INprint Website.
This link will take you directly to my page but be sure to browse the site which has some awesome artwork for sale.

Feb 2011
I`ve gone all high brow :-).
International Contemporary Artists Vol 2 Will feature a couple of Images from me and some Bio info.
This is a mixed media book so its nice to be included along with traditional artists.
Look out for it at

Jan 2011
ImagineFX have featured "Pursuit" as its image of the day and it will feature along with 2 others on the DVD insert to the latest issue of the magazine. Look out for it at

Dec 2010
Sorry for the lack of updates. So a new "Photoshop for 3d" book will be out soon published by 3d total featuring my work and also i had some work accepted into the new Digital Art Masters 6 book due out early next year. Happy Christmas everyone.

Oct 2010
Expose 8 is out now so please check it out. My work features on the contents page and in the transport section.

Sept 2010
3d World Magazine will be featuring some images in their latest issue and some tutorial stuff on colour concepts as well.

Aug 2010
"Pursuit" has received an Honourable mention in the syd mead art comp at cgtalk, not bad out of 1300 entries. Congrats to the winners.

July 2010
Newtek will be using my image as the banner heading for the stand at siggraph 2010, the biggest CG arts convention in the world.

June 2010
Landed will feature in the transport section of Expose 8. Great to have another image included so look out for pre orders at the Ballistic website.

May 2010
Newtek, makers of the 3d software Lightwave 3d have run an interview and profile on their Europe based web site. You can see the Interview here and see some pretty pictures.

May 2010
DAM 5. Digital Art Masters Book 5 have selected one of my images to appear in the publication as well as Tutorial. Book will be out later in the year so will post an update and link soon.

April 2010
Newtek newsletter comes out this month and "Desert Landscape" has been awarded image of the month.Also look out for the new issue of 3d Artist Magazine and my tutorial on the future city image.

March 2010
I have just finished some modelling and texturing work on the Marc Leidy Sci Fi Film entitled "Nothing`s Safe".Look out for a release sometime next year.Also check out the updated Portfolio pieces.

Feb 2010
I have done a huge Tutorial and interview for the excellent 3d artist print magazine which should be coming out really soon. .

Jan 2010
Expose 7 is now available to purchase from the Ballistic media website. .

Dec 2009
2 Images have been selected and will now appear in Expose 7. The image "recon" will receive an Excellence award as well. many thanks to Ballistic Media.

dec 2009 have included 2 of my renders in this item entitled "50 best cg renders". .